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가득(하다), 차다, 채우다


I need a little more explanation on the use of 가득(하다), 차다, 채우다, etc.

가득하다 means "to be full" and since it's a -하다 verb, I guess 가득 is a noun. So you can have 단지 가득 and 접시 가득.

But I also see it used like an adverb with the verb 차다: 밥을 가득 차다 and 물로 가득 차다. Why do you need 가득 in those sentences since they already use the verb 차다? And can you use -를 and -(으)로 interchangeably with the object?

Can I say things like 물을 가득 단지 and 밥으로 접시?

And finally, what about the verb 채우다? Can I use it like 물을 채운 단지?


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Oops, just noticed a mistake. I meant 밥으로 가득 접시

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    Perhaps it's more of an idiom,
    가득가득 = all filled
    가득 차자 = chock-full
    가득 따르다 = fill [a glass] to the brim/top

    So more than just "to be full" it might be a description of HOW full, to emphasize the verb following.

    Ooops* i mean 가득 차다 = chock-full (not 차자)

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