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what does "pistol-grip"mean?

Wells damned the White House garage for failing to provide him a car with a Secret Service "fireball"—a red light under the car frame—or with a portable, pistol-grip flashlight that illuminated the black-on-red letters "POLICE." In its absence he was left with but one choice: flight. Driving his accelerator to the floor, he swerved to the left. His pursuer also accelerated, and was at one point a few feet from his right rear bumper. Gradually Wells drew away. He cut in and out skillfully, allowing other traffic to filter between them, and when he reached the parkway's Virginia Avenue exit there was no trace of the green sedan in his rear-view mirror.

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    A 'pistol-grip' is the same kind of grip that you use to... grip a pistol haha.
    For example:

    This is what it's talking about:

    "pistol grip" is the part of pistol or rifle through with you hold the same. But here it is "pistol-grip flashlight" which is torch like instrument which is used by police which is inbuilt in their rifles, or they are also used separately.

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