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"I think..." vs "I would think..."

When expressing opinions, someone begin with "I think..." while others say "i would think..."
What's the difference between these two sentences???
Thanks in advance!

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    'I would think' often is 'I would think so too' in agreement. 'I would think' means 'In that situation, in that case, in those circumstances I think...'. whereas 'I think' is just a bald statement, unconditional.


    There is not much difference between them. "I would think" is normally used when you are making a conclusion from evidence, and your conclusion might be different from those you are talking to. "I think" can mean this as well, but can also be a simple statement of opinion. You can say "I think Kylie is the greatest singer ever" but not "I would think Kylie is the greatest singer ever".

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