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오랫동안, 오랜만에


I know the word 오래 means "a long time" and you can say things like 오래 전 and 오래 걸리다, but I don't understand the spelling change in these two:

오랫 동안 = for a long time
오랜만에 = it's been a long time

Why does 오래 change to 오랫 of 오랜?

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    오랫동안 = 오래 + ㅅ + 동안
    오랜만에 = 오래 + 간만에, (abbreviation form of 오래간만 -> 오래 + (가)ㄴ 만에, 가 is omitted in this word, and also 오랜만 is a word itself.)

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