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How do you say this sentence in Korean? :)

How do you say "Yes, this is you." in Korean? For example:

A: Is this me?
B: Yes, that is you.

Something like that. All I know is you in the sentence which is '너' and also that which is '그' but I just don't know how to put them together. Please help. Thank you so much! <333

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    A:이거 나야?
    B:응 그거 너야

    Yes, this is you.
    I wonder in what context you want to use this sentence.
    And always, it's important to know the relationship between speakers.
    1. between families or friends// or to someone under your age
    응, 이거 너야. / 어, 이게 너야.
    2. in formal situations
    네, 이게 본인이세요./
    it's better to know how you call the person.

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