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What does this mean? :)

그거 너무 맛있어요 감사합니다 근데 담주엔 저 못간답니다

I think the first one says, "That's really delicious thank you but..." And then I don't understand the rest. Some Korean words are really hard for me to recognize and google can't translate it that well. Thank you! :)

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    Yes, you were correct on the first part. And the rest means ===>> but I cannot go there next week.

    담주엔< 다음 주엔 < 다음 주에는 = next week
    못 간답니다 is from 못 간다, 못 갑니다 = 못-(cannot) 간다(go or come)
    Now can you see the contractions?? because of many short versions of phrases, it will be hard to get the exact meaning through dictionsary.

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