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In Tagalog how to say " you want to go out and get lunch together tomorrow"?

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    you want to go out and =
    Gusto mo lumabas at

    get lunch together (with whom by the way?) =
    Mananghalian kasama (si ______)


    Combining them gives us this sentence:

    Gusto mo lumabas at mananghalian kasama (si________) bukas.

    Hope this helped.

    In a colloquial sense, you can shorten it by asking: "Gusto mong kumain sa labas bukas?" or "Kain tayo bukas?"

    "Gusto mong" - Do you want
    "kumain" - to eat
    "sa labas" - outside
    "bukas" - tomorrow

    "Kain" - eat
    "tayo" - us, together
    "bukas" - tomorrow

    People usually guess that when you ask them to eat tomorrow, you would be eating outside like in a restaurant, or elsewhere so you don't really have to ask her if she wants to go out. Or if it's really needed for emphasis, you can ask: "Gusto mong lumabas at kumain bukas?"

    "Gusto mong" - Do you like
    "lumabas" - to go out
    "at kumain" - and eat
    "tomorrow." - bukas

    In a formal situation or formal writing, you can use:

    "Nais mo bang lumabas at mananghalian bukas?"

    "Nais mo bang" - Do you want ("nais" different from "gusto" /but "gusto" can be both used as "like" or "want" depending on the situation).
    "lumabas" - to go out
    "at mananghalian" - and have lunch /if you are emphasizing 'lunch' (dinner = maghapunan).

    Hope this helps.

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