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What is the equivalent word for 'to have' in Hindi? How do Hindi speakers get by w/o using 'have'??

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    I don't think there is any specific word for " have ", actually a lot of words are used depending upon the context or the use of have in the sentence like " hona/होना , hai/है , rakhna/रखना "etc.

    I have to do this - मुझे यह करना ही होगा | / mujhe yah karna hi hoga - here " hoga/होगा " is used for
    " have " and " karna/करना " is for " to do ".

    he has property - उसके पास सम्पत्ति है |/ uske pas sampatti hai - here " pas hai/पास है " is used for " has ".

    I'll have the sofa in this room- मैं इस कमरे में सोफा चाहूँगा|/ main iss kamre mein sofa chahunga - here " chahunga/चाहूँगा " is used for " will have " .

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