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i can teach anyone arabic language very well . r u want...???


For learning: Arabic
Base language: English
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    marhaba! ana ismi Elena wa ana min Romania.
    i try to learn arabic for four monts,it is very beautiful!i learn some words but i dont knoe how to use them.i would appreciate you help sooooo much.

    yes but i know nothing

    well, i want learn all.Help me!(smile)

    Yes, I'd love to!
    اريد من يحدثنى ان يكون يعرف العربى عشان التواصل معنا
    اريد حلا ليه من يرغب فى التعليم مع على الاهداف اولا التعارف والتعليم

    merhaba, i am interested!

    salam.. i would like to learn.. i need it

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