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Is Serbs have Tenses?

Like in English have Present Tenses, Past Tense, Continous Tense. Hvala ^_^

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I was translated Serbia words into google translation. It was like a Malay, doesn't ?

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    Of course, the Serbian language also has tenses. But unlike from English, they are much less.
    So, the classical Serbian language has:
    1) only one present tense.
    2) two future tenses (future I & future II).
    3) four past tenses (perfect, imperfect, pluperfect, aorist). Actually, the modern Serbian language uses mostly only perfect tense for describing the action in the past. Imperfect, pluperfect and aorist are rather archaic and are used nowadays mainly in some dialects of the Montenegrian variant of the Serbian language.

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