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'Voh' vs. 'Vah' in Hindi


I have been reading conflicting sources on the the way one pronounces and writes the Hindi pronoun: 'वह'

I just don't know which one is correct, or if both are correct but for certain circumstances.

'Voh' is pronounced as it is spelled and 'Vah' is pronounced like 'VahA' but very breathy and almost no emphasis on the first 'a' sound.

Is it a dialect difference? Or has there been a recent change to standard Hindi that accounts for the different sources?

Thank you for your help!

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    "WO" & "WAH" means same thing and both are correct. WO is used in general Hindi while WAH is used in standard Hindi. It is just fine, you can use either of them.

    "voh" is for indicate something [voh kya hai ,what is that] and

    "vah"/wah" [wow]

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