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Word placement - Post-positions in Hindi


I am trying to learn how to work with post-positions like 'Before' , 'After', 'Behind' and 'In Front'.

I tried using what I know about word placement to make some sample sentences. I don't know if these are correct but they are my best guess at the moment.

#1. Mein dopahar ke do baje se pahle ka karti hoon. (I eat before 2pm)
#2. Mein dopahar ka khana ke baad kam karti hoon. (I work after lunch)
#3. Gari ghar se peeche hai. (The car is behind the house.)
#4. Admi dukan ke samne hai. (The man is in front of the shop.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    Main dopahar kae do baje sae pahlae khana khati hu. :मै दोपहर के दो बजे से पहले खाना खाती हूँ । (I eat before 2pm)

    Main dopahar KAE khanae kae baad kaam karti hu. : मैं दोपहर के खाने के बाद काम करती हूँ। (I work after lunch)

    Gaadi ghar KAE pichae hai. : गाड़ी घर के पीछे है। (The car is behind the house.)

    Well your fourth sentence is perfect, But there are some minor mistakes in all the three sentences above. Overall your effort is good.

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