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densha no naka de vs densha de

I know that the meaning of the following two sentences is different, but is there a big difference in feeling between the following sentences:

1) Densha no naka de kohi wo nomimashita = I drank coffee inside the train
2) Densha de kohi wo nomimashita = I drank coffee at the train

Would a real Japanese person prefer one of the two? Does one of the two sound weird?

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    Densha no naka de=On the train/inside the train
    Densha de=by train (sometimes "on the train")

    I think both of them are correct too, just like Rio said in the above answer. The use/meaning of "de" the second sentence changes depending on the context.
    This is just what I realized as a Japanese learner myself, so I think my answer was also useful for you.

    I don't think the second sentence is correct. It is my understanding that when used with a means of transportation, the particle で (de) means "by", so that when you say 電車で (densha de), it means "by train". 電車で行きます (densha de ikimasu) means "I will travel by train".

    Of course we can both benefit from the help of a native Japanese speaker.

    This link shows various ways in which the particle (で) de can be used. Hope you find it useful...

    I think both are correct.
    And 2 of them are same in the meaning.

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