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How to use "Bagok" in a few phrases?

"Bagok" means to bump or hit right?

So if I want to say,

"I hit my head" Nabagok ang ulo ko.

"He hit his head" Nabagok ang ulo niya.

"The car bumped the man" Nabagok ang kotshe ng lalaki.

How do I say "Im going to hit (or bump) you?"

Please correct me if im wrong.


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    Bagok means to thump or bump in older Tagalog. I say older, because as time passes by, people would only limit the use of the word by the fatal hitting of the head and nothing else. This is because the availability of other words that also mean "to bump", like "Untog" (often associated to non-fatal hitting of the head) and "Bangga" (the most flexible and general term for hit/bump).

    "I hit my head" = Nauntog ang ulo ko/ Nauntog ako.
    = Nabagok ang ulo ko/ Nabagok ako. --> is extreme and will cause worrisome for others.

    "He hit his head" = Nauntog ang ulo niya/ Nauntog siya.
    = Nabagok ang ulo niya/ Nabagok siya. --> like I said above.

    "The car bumped the man" = Nabangga ang kotse ng lalaki. --> using Nabagok is totally absurd.

    "I'm going to hit (or bump) you?" = Babanggain kita.
    = Babagukin kita. --> Now that's a death threat.

    Take a look a this news from (

    "PATAY ang isang taong gulang na bata matapos masampal ng kanyang ina sa North Cotabato. NaBAGOK ang ulo ng bata sa sahig dahil sa lakas ng sampal."

    See how the word Nabagok is associated with Patay (dead).

    Good luck! ;)

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