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Hindi - 'za' and 'ja'


I have been told differing pronunciations for Hindi words including the "ज" sound.

Even when a dot is present under the symbol, some native speakers still pronounce it as a "ja" sound, while others pronounce it as "za".

For example, the word for door...

At temple, when I pronounce it as "darwaza" I am corrected. "No's darwaja".

Same for the word for table. I was taught at first to say it "mez" , but was later corrected to say "mej".

Is this just a dialect thing? Or is it a matter of "proper" vs "common" pronunciation?

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    The 'za' syllable originates from Urdu language; you will notice a lot of Urdu words used in Hindi language.

    The correct pronunciation for 'Door' is ' Darwaza' and for ' Table' is ' Mez'. In this case, ' Ja' is absolutely incorrect. Just be cautious as even many of the Hindi speakers use it wrongly.

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