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talking about the word نسبة and ملائم

what does the word means in the sentences:

باهض جداً بالنسبة إلى طالبون


السعر غير ملائم

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    The first line means:
    (Very expensive for the buyers) but the last word is missing the ال
    باهض جدا بالنسبة الى طالبون
    unless there is another word after it like... Milk, eggs, bread, etc.

    The second line means:
    The price isn't convenient.

    Hope this helps :)
    Enjoy your day,

    I do not understand the first sentence, I'm not sure about what you mean ?

    For the second sentence, السعر غير ملائم ( The price is unhandy/ or inappropriate) not sure which word do you use in English.

    I hope that will help :)

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