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"나" meaning

휴가 가간 동안 뭐 하겠어요?
낚시나 갈까 해요

i can understand 나 means:i want to go fishing or do other thing but I am not sure

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    According to the dictionary (,
    ~나 as used in 낚시나 갈까 해요 imply that
    it is not satisfactory choice or least acceptable choice.

    낚시나 갈까 해요 implies the talker couldn't find better thing to do than fishing.

    Someone ask 밥이나 먹으러 갈까?
    ==> Shall we go for a meal? (or do you have a better idea?)

    People use it quite often and kind of almost habit it is.
    A: 주말에 뭐해?
    B: 공부나 할거야. (별로 다른것 할 것도 없고...)

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