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ひらがな Hiragana

Can someone give me some words that are in Hiragana with the kanji and english translation? Something like.....


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    Hi Caitlyn,

    I'll send you a list of colors. It may be difficult, but please learn and memorize step by step ^^

    (A list of colors)

    English, noun in Japanese, adjective in Japanese

    red 赤(aka), 赤色(akairo) 赤い(akai), 赤色の(akairono)

    blue 青(ao), 青色(aoiro) 青い(aoi), 青色の(aoirono)

    white 白(shiro), 白色(shiroiro) 白い(shiroi), 白色の(shiroirono)

    black 黒(kuro), 黒色(kuroiro) 黒い(kuroi), 黒色の(kuroirono)

    brown 茶(cha), 茶色(chairo) 茶色い(chairoi),茶色の(chairono)

    茶 means "green tea" in general. So we usually use "茶色" for brwon.

    We say "紅茶(koucha)" for ”Tea”. "紅" is read as "beni" and "kurenai". It means "one of color like blood or ripe tomatoes.

    orange オレンジ(orenji), オレンジ色(orenjiiro),橙/だいだい(daidai),橙色/だいだい色 オレンジ色の(orenjiirono)、橙色の(daidaiirono)/だいだいいろの

    We use to call 橙/だいだい(noun), 橙色の/だいだい色の(adjective) as orange in general. I think the older generations may call them so even now.

    pink ピンク(pinku), ピンク色(pinkuiro), 桃(momo), 桃色(momoiro) ピンク色の(pinkuirono)、桃色の(momoirono)

    We use to call 桃色(noun), 桃色の/(adjective) as pinkue in general. I think the older generations may call them so even now.

    Yellow 黄(ki), 黄色(kiiro), 黄色い(kiroi), 黄色の(kiirono)

    We use "kiiro" as noun.

    The yolk is called "黄身(kimi)"/ 卵黄(ranou). You know, "卵" means "egg". ”卵” is read as ”Tamago/ran".

    And a white prat of egg is called "白身(shiromi)".

    gold 金(kin), 金色(giniro) / 金の(kinno),金色の(kinirono)

    You know "金" means not only "one of color" but also "one of substance". So you had better add "iro" to "kin"as color.

    silver  銀(gin), 銀色(giniro) / 銀の(ginno), 銀色の(ginirono)

    Also please add "iro" to "gin" like "kin" as well.


    Excuse me, the list of colors is written with Kanji.
    I'll tell you about fruits.
    Japanese, how to read, English
    ばなな, banana, banana It's written バナナ in general.
    めろん, meron, melon In genera, メロン.
    ぱいなっつぷる, painappuru, pineapple In general, パイナップル
    りんご, ringo, apple ぶどう, budou, grapes
    いちご, ichigo, strawberry
    みかん, mikan, oranges I think "mikan" is a different kind from "orange".

    はし hashi-chopsticks,bridge
    すてき suteki-nice
    てき teki-enemy
    なつ natsu-summer
    め me-eye
    あかい akai-red
    あさ asa-morning
    いす isu-chair
    あと ato-later
    けいたい keitai-cellphone
    おいしい oishii-delicious
    そと soto-outside
    うま uma-horse

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