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How do you pronounce "죄송합니다."??

Is there any Korean nasalization rules I need to remember to say this correctly?
In Korean dramas they normally say it so fast it's kind of hard to copy. It sounds like they pronounce it like
"죄송--니다" ....

(정말 정말 감사합니다!!) :)

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    You pronounce it "Jo-song-ham-mi-da"
    죄 - jowe
    송 - song
    합 - ham
    니 - ni
    다 - da

    *Why would be pronounced 합 as [ham]?(example - 입니다 [ipnida] is written as when writing, or spelling. 임니다 is what it SOUNDS like when speaking quickly[imnida]) Example taken from:

    its jwe-song-ham-ni-da. It's a formal way of saying I'm sorry

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