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Hello. I'm wondering what are the suffixes in Korea and what are its uses? Like "sso, yo, nikka, nida, etc.". Anyone who can help me?

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    Ah, it's a very loaded question because Korean grammar has many rules. However, the basics are...

    verb politeness suffix & name/addressing someone suffix

    ㅂ니다 / 습니다 - very formal (there is an honorific above this using "시" but ignore for now)
    어요/아요 - polite
    다 - plain style
    어/아 - informal

    Example of this, using 재미있다 - to be fun/interesting: 재미있습니다, 재미있어요, 재미있다, 재미있어

    Name suffixes:

    -씨 Polite, acts as Mr/Miss
    -아/야 Used when calling someone's name rather than talking about them
    -님 Honorific used for someone higher than you (teacher = 선생님, CEO = 화장님)

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