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Difference between 光头 and 秃子.



Can you tell me the difference between 光头 and 秃子.

How do I say "He is bald" or "He is going bald" for example.

他是秃子。他有光头。Are these sentences correct.

Thanks for your help.

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    光头 and 秃子 both mean bald.
    you will say 光頭 instead of 禿子 when you wanna describe someone without hair,
    禿子 is a more impolite saying, it's rude to say that.
    sometime you will avoid using 光頭 either, when you talk to him directly
    for instance:
    ask a question like 你為什麼是光頭? (why are you bald?)
    you can replace it as 你為什麼沒有頭髮 (why don't you have hair)
    in this way you will make it less offensive,
    though it's still not proper to ask something like this : )

    He is bald ====> 他是禿頭
    ex 他的假髮掉下來,我才發現他是禿頭。
    I realize he is bold, when his wig fall off.
    He is going bald ====> 他正慢慢禿頭中
    ex 我可以看到他的頭皮,他要禿頭了。
    I can see the skin under his hair, he is going bald

    他是秃子。他"是"光头。 these will be correct
    or you say 他有個光頭
    (I forget to send the answer out at first place, some information might already mentioned by other people, you might read the same thing againXD)


    光头 and 秃子 actually mean the same, but calling someone who is bald "光头“ sounds more comfortable,while calling someone "秃子” maybe offensive and unfriendly.
    He is bald. 他是光头。 He is going bald. 他要秃顶了。but the second setece sounds wierd. I know it actually means He is losing his hair,which, in Chinese 他脱发了。
    I hope my answer will be helpful.

    "光头“means someone has no hair.
    "秃子“means there is no hair on top of one's head,he usually has hair on other part of his head.
    The two sentence are beth true,but we usually say the secong sentence in this way"他是光头”.
    The words can show one's feature are usually used to melonymy people,such as "四眼“ is a person who wears glasses.
    Hope it can help you.

    In Chinese,秃子means his hair cell gets injured or damaged,and he can no longer wear health hair.光头means he has shaved his head ,but there is nothing wrong with his hair.

    光頭 is similar to "skin head," meaning the person has shaved his hair. 禿子 = being bald

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