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What does "뒤록뒤록" mean?

If it help this is the whole sentence:
그는 목이 거의 없을 정도로 살이 뒤룩뒤룩 찐 몸집이 큰 사내로, 코밑에는 커다란 콧수염을 기르고 있었다.

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    뒤룩뒤룩 (not 뒤록뒤록) express state of a person being fat.

    the expression 뒤룩뒤룩 reminds me of a very fat person who has layers of fat and cannot walk straight and always sway.

    This kind of adverbs in korean is hard to be correctly expressed in english 'cause the expressions have not only meanings but also feelings in them.

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