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how to use the word "mas-ul" ?

what does it mean and how to use it?
mas-ul= مســـؤول

can you give us some(everal) example sentences by using the word ?

shokran lakum

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    It means "responsible".
    - أريدك أن تقوم بكل ما تستطيع حتى نعرف من المسؤول عن هذا.
    (I want you to do everything you can to find out who's responsible for that).
    - مازال الرجل يشعر بأنه مسؤول عن موت زوجته.
    (He's still feeling responsible for his wife's death).
    - كلنا مسؤولون عن الفقر المنتشر في العالم.
    (We are all responsible for the poverty all over the word).

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