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"Please remind me about that in person" 日本語で何と言う?

"Please remind me about that in person" 日本語で何と言う?「私に直ちにどれを思い出せて下さい」か「個人的に」か?

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    'どれを' should be 'それを'.

    The translation of 'in person' is difficult.
    '直ちに' means 'immediately', which is not appropriate here. Yes, '個人的に' might work. Other possibilities I can think of are '直に' (jikani) and '直接'. So the whole sentence could literally be translated into:

    However, we usually do not use personal pronouns when they are understood from the context. And we often use '教えてください' instead of '思い出せて下さい' to mean "please remind me...'
    Therefore, more colloquially the sentence would be:

    I'm thinking it could be:


    Let's wait for a native speaker to chime in, though!

    You can say it in this casual way.
    In this sentence, 教える means not to teach but to tell.

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