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Lokalbahn, Stationsvorsteher, Kutsche, Akazie, Lattenzaun

Was bestimmt dieser Woerter? Sie sind nicht in meinen Woerterbuch.

local train, station overseer, acacia flowering plant...I guess these are three of them maybe.

Danke im Voraus.

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    "Lokalbahn" = a train which drives only in your region/town. It doesn't drive miles and miles until it gets to another big city (wiki: Unter Lokalbahn versteht man eine in erster Linie dem Nahverkehr dienende Bahnlinie zur Verkehrsanbindung des ländlichen Raumes.

    "Stationsvorsteher" = someone who is in charge of the train services etc in the train stations. Also you can ask him if you have questions and helps you (well, he is supposed to ;oP)

    "Kutsche" = carriage, that thing you put behind horses and where you sit on.

    "Akazie" = acacia, the flower (don't ask me how it looks like ;oP )

    "Lattenzaun" = a fence made of wood (I think it's called picket fence, but I'm not 100% sure)

    I hope I could help you :)

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