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Why "comemos sandia"?

So, I have a question:
Why does the correct answer "comemos sandia"? Not "comemos sandias"? Can't "sandia" be plural?

Sandia means water melon, sorry I don't have "i accent" on my keyboard.

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Hi Sofia,
Thanks for the answer! I'm confused because in the picture there are 2 children hold 2 pieces of watermelon. So 2 pieces of watermelon is still considered as 1 whole watermelon? I mean 2 pieces from 1 watermelon...Well, it's confusing, but really thank you.

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    Hi !
    The word "sandía" has plural: "sandías".
    "Comemos sandía" means we eat watermelon ( we all eat one ), if they all are eating only one watermelon, it's correct.
    You must use the plural "sandías" if you want to say that they all eat more than one watermelon.

    Even if 1 Sandía is cut into 1000 pieces you are still eating 1 Sandía. It's not common to say "comemos sandías" in spanish cause even if you have more than 1 you still eat one by one. It's most common to say the plural word when you are gonna buy for example."Voy al mercado a comprar Sandías" "I'm going to the market to buy watermelons".

    La expresión idiomática correcta es COMEMOS SANDIA. Aunque sean muchas las sandías que se estén comiendo.

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