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I can't understand two words in German

"Wir haben leider selbst zu wenig Parkplätze" I know this meaning for this sentence. But I can't understand "leider" and "selbst" put in this position.... How to explain for these two words?

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    "pronoun + selbst" is used for emphasis or contrast:

    Ich selbst spreche kein Chinesisch (aber andere Leute sprechen Chinesisch)
    Wir selbst haben keine Parkplätze (aber andere Leute haben Parkplätze)

    Here the construction with "selbst" is seen as a single entity. But it is also possible to split it:

    Ich spreche selbst kein Chinesisch. Wir haben selbst keine Parkplätze.

    "leider" means "unfortunately". A general rule in German is that a word that modifies the meaning of another word is put in front of the word, so the word order is "leider selbst" to emphasize that the speaker, too, is affected. Now the construction is too long to be seen as a single entity anymore, so you have to use the split form.

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    If you do not understand just two words in German then you are very lucky :)
    Now to your question:
    Leider is used here in the sense "I am sorry to say that or unfortunately". You make a statement expressing your sorrow.
    Ich habe leider nicht gewonnen. (unfortunately I haven´t won)
    "Selbst" means "myself or in the sense of "me too". It will be clear from the context.
    A: Could you please borrow me 1 Dollar, I have no money to eat?
    B; Me too, i do not have any money either (Ich habe selbst kein Geld).
    I hope it is clear

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