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ماكـل قلـبٍ ينشـرى {بالهدايـا}
ولا كل كسر تفيد فيـه [الجبايـر]
المعطـي الله {مالخلقـه} عطايـا
لو هي على خلقه سقتنا (المراير)

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    It's a beautiful poem, but it will be difficult to translate it to English, I'll do my best :)

    Not every heart can be bought with gifts,
    And not every broken bone can be healed with osteopath,
    The Giver God for His creation gifts (It means that God gave us "human" all the creation as a gift)
    And if it was up to His creation "humans" they would've watered us with bitterness.

    This is it :) hope this helps and please ask anything else you want :)

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