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A question about JPT N4 level... Please help ~

1.元気な 2.元気で 3.元気 4.元気だ.
Why the answer is 4 ?
What does this sentense mean ?
Please help ..I am confused.
Thanks a lot.

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    Are you sure you copied the question correctly?
    If so , the sentence "父や母が元気だといいんですか?" would mean: Do you think it is okay as long as your father and mother are well.
    This sentence does not make much sense the context.

    I suspect the sentence was:
    This means that I hope my parents are fine.

    Anyway, 元気だ is the end-form of the na-adjective.


    Hi, Anchun-san.
    You are not confused. You simply have't learned ・・・といいですね。
    It means "I hope ......(for somebody else)."
    The "・・・" takes non-polite sentence forms such as 元気だ、おいしい、行く、行かない etc.

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