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what are you? can we ask this question about a person's occupation?

i've found this online:
[Grammar] What is he?
A: What is he? B: He is my teacher.
Is it possible to use 'what' in such questions?

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    People do say 'what is he', and it doesn't sound wrong to a native speaker providing it is within context.
    If you are asked 'what are you?' without any context then the response would be one of confusion and maybe a person? a human?

    Having said that- just because people say it, doesn't make it right.
    It is a very lazy way of speaking English, and would never be used in formal situations.
    You should be asking, what job do you have? / what is your job? or most commonly 'what do you do for a living? '.

    Yes, we can. When we want to ask someone's occupation, we can use this kind of what question,like "What are you?" or "What is he?".

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