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How sounds strange? "I'm lovin' it!"

As an English learner, I know this sentence has a grammatical error. But I want to know how native speakers take this.
Does this sound like this to you? "my love to Mcdonald's is going on, it never stops."

Thanks for your help.

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    The misunderstanding here is that you think the "static verb rule" always works in every situation. As your level progresses, you will learn situations where the rule can be "relaxed" for a specific reason.

    Yes, the slogan is slightly unusual, but certainly not incorrect or incomprehensible. The continuous tense adds an immediacy to the verb.

    If McDonald's followed the static verb rule perfectly, then you'd have the very boring slogan of "I love it".

    Correction: " I love going to McDonald's. I'll never stop going there."

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