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    The phrase is somewhat close in meaning to the English "to laugh something off," or "to shrug something off." It means to pick up and move forward when one meets with adversity or something unpleasant.

    It could also mean "to forgive and forget," as when enemies "laugh off" the other's sins against each other.

    Unlike "laugh off" in English, which sometimes can connote flippancy, there is no sense of levity in the Chinese expression.

    一笑而过,literally means laugh it off. It is a phrase describing someone who has open, generous and optimistic attitudes towards adverse situation.e.g. 面对这些流言蜚语,她只是一笑而过。 However, in other cases, such as the lyrics, "你伤害了我,还一笑而过“, it shows the attitude of "being indifferent" or "does not care". " You hurt me, but you just laughed it off."


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