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The characters ㅐand ㅔ

I've known the Korean alphabet a while but I still have a hard time with ㅔandㅐ. I'm very confused because some resources I used say ㅔ sounds like the a sound in like lay, and ㅐsounds like e in bed (american english sound), but then others have them switched. So I don't know which is which, please help!

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    The sound of 애 is similar to the first vowel of Apple pronounced in American style, while 에 sounds similar to the first vowel of Error. The difference is which direction you open your mouth and lips. With 애, your mouth is opened wide vertically (upward and downward), and for 에, your mouth open wide horizontally (right and left).

    I hope my anwer would be helpful.
    ㅐ = ae
    ㅔ = e

    apple = 애플
    editor= 에디터
    ㅐ = ae
    ㅔ = e

    But don't worry ^^ koreans don't care much about ㅐ and ㅔ sounds.

    I can't even distinguish between:
    ㅐand ㅔ
    ㅒand ㅖ
    ㅞ , ㅙ and ㅚ (all sound like 'weh' to me :P)

    Never mind. I gurantee that 90% of korean never distingush when they speak. They know but they don't mind too.

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