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what's the meaning for those sentences in english? and why those verb in this kind of tense form?

1. meaning for:
apesar de nos congratularmos com os sonhos que realizámos, surgem-nos oportunidades inesperadas, que nos permitem viver do que realmente gostamos.

[why those verbs use those tense's forms]
congratularmos--subjuntivo/infinitivo pessoal
realizámos--pretérito imperfeito
surgem-nos--presente indicativo
permitem--presente indicativo

2. meaning for:vale a pena pensar bem:pensar tratar-se da maior oportunidade para viver a vida à nossa maneira.

3.meaning for: quem não arrisca

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    1. Although we are happy and proud with the dreams we achieved, sometimes new and unexpected opportunities arise that allow us to actually live life the way we wanted.

    (I have no knowledge to explain about those verbs)

    2.It's good idea to "think twice": realizing that "we are dealing" with the best opportunity to live our life the way we want.

    3. Those who don't take risks..

    Hope it helps

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