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İşitmek, duymak, ve dinlemek kelimelerin arasında hangi farklılık var? (ve daha bir kisa soru)


Okuduğum boyunca, bir anlama çok kelimeler var. Mesela işitmek, duymak, ve dinlemek kelimeler birbirine benziyor. Bu kelimelerden başka sorum var. Söz, sözcük, ve kelime nasıl farklı?

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    İşitmek- to hear
    Duymak- to hear, to feel( like feeling pain,love,happiness etc)
    Dinlemek-to listen

    The words söz,sözcük and kelime have the same meaning.They all mean word.
    But söz also has meanings like promise, gossip, lyric
    Kelime is derived from arabic so it has no different meaning, its just arabic word for word.

    İşitmek is very rarely used, more in literature.
    You wouldn't hear it in colloquail speaking : Seni işitemedim, işitemiyorum or beni işitiyor musun?
    I have the impression that even in literature it is used not as often, mostly for idioms, usually expressing something happening all of a sudden
    "Aniden bir ses işitti" - Suddenly s/he heard a voice
    Duymak can be used almost in any word işitmek is used, but it is not correct vice versa so I suggest you use duymak instead all the time.

    Dinlemek, as Cey advised, is totally different. .

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