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I have some questions relating to phone number in Korea:

1. 880국의 5416: that is the phone number I caught in a textbook, but i dont understand 국's meaning. Is it a country code? but as far as I know country code of Korean is + 82..

2. 7783: How can i say double seven in Korean or triple seven?

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    880-5416, "팔백팔십 국(局)의 오천사백십육 번(番)", or "팔팔공에 오사일육"
    "국" shows a telephone exchange number.

    "화재시에는(or 불이 났을 때는)국번없이 119를 누르세요."
    When fire break out , Just call 119 without a telephone exchange number.

    77, 칠십칠 or 칠칠
    777, 칠백칠십칠, or 칠칠칠
    7777,칠천칠백칠십칠, or 칠칠칠칠

    082 - 02 - 6234 - 1234

    082 means "Country code for Korea".
    02 means "Area code for Seoul". (인천 - 032, 부산 - 051)
    6234 means "telephone exchange number"
    1234 means "directory number"

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