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A. 今晩萌さんと映画を見に行きます。
B. 今晩萌さんと映画を観に行きます。

Which of the sentences uses the correct kanji?
When is 観る used instead of 見る?


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    You can use 観る(みる) to mean 'observe', 'go sightseeing', 'tell fortune', and 'see something from a distance'.

    昆虫の生態を観る observe the ecology of insects
    名所旧跡を観る visit famous and historical places
    手相を観る read someone's hand
    野球を観る watch a baseball game

    However, you can also use 見る instead in any of the cases above.


    I understand that the difference between 「見る」 and 「観る」 are similar to "look at" and "watch". That is, the first one is more like feeling and judging things by eyes, while the latter one is more like looking things with more attention.

    However, 「観る」 is not included in the list of daily used Kanji. That is, 「観る」 is not officially recognised to be read as "みる". So, it is safer to use 「見る」 if you do not know which one to be chosen.

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