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How to say "every" in Vietnamese?

I keep looking it up but there're always 2 answers: hàng and mỗi. For example, I want to say "every day", but it shows up as both "hàng ngày" AND "mỗi ngày". Are the 2 terms interchangeable or not? Thank you.

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    hàng ngày = everyday
    mỗi ngày = every day (it means each day)

    Hằng ngày. In past, now and future.
    Mọi người. In past, now. not future.

    Although "Mỗi" and "hàng" look similar in a sentence, you can feel a bit diffterent when using it. "hàng" expresses a routine meaning while "mỗi" emphasizes it.
    - Tôi nấu ăn hàng ngày. (I cook everyday)
    - Tôi nấu ăn mỗi ngày.(I cook each day)
    Hope you can understand. ^^

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