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Can someone translate this for me? From English to Korean? It's a letter ^^

My name is .., and i'm 15 years old!
I'm from Norway, and i'm a very big fan of yours, ..(idol 1).
Your number one fan!
It's you birthday today! Happy birthday to yoou! ~
I hope you have a very good day with many pretty and cool gifts from family, friends, ..(fandom name).
This is actually my first time sending a gift to my idol, so I hope it's not destroyed! (the t-shirt and the drawing, keukeu).
Oh, and the bracelet is to .. (idol 2), it's something I got on a Chris Brown concert, and it's real! Seriously!
Hehehe, so I hope he is happy too!
You got a picture of me too, for you to remember to see who I'm. In case i'm going to meet you in real life, haha.
Uh.. I have so much to say, but congratulations on you birthday!
You're finally 21 years old!
I'm going to support you forever! You and ..(group name)
I love you, ..(idol 1)!

PS: My cousins (girls) really love ..(idol 3) and ..(idol 4)!! Tell them that ^^
Say hi to ..(idol 5) and ..(idol 6) too!
Thank you for translating!

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