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Is this translation correct?

Before, I really tried to avoid him when I saw him. <-- is that an okay translation?

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    Yes, I think it's probably correct.

    前に本気で避けてみたけど is missing “I and him”... and けど could be “but” if something comes after that. But I assume that you know the context to some extent. Japanese people basically omit words when it's obvious to readers or listeners.

    本気で :

    本気で literally means “seriously, for real or in earnest”, but seems it's also translated as really.
    本気でそう言っていんのか。 Do you really mean it?
    本気で私のこと愛しているっていうの? Do you really love me?

    There's some overlap in meaning between the Japanese words 本気で (orマジで) and 本当に as well. Japanese people sometimes say “本当に本気で”~ though.

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