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हिंदी मैं इसे कैसे बोलेंगे

Have you done your job properly before leaving?
आपने काम जाने से पहले ठीक से किया?

While coming down, please bring the screw driver along.
निचे आते पेचकश ले जाओ

Should I help him?
क्या मैं ऊसक मदद करना चाहिए

Shouldn’t I be studying right now?
क्या मैं पडना चाहिए

Shouldn’t we be working right now?
क्या मैं काम करने नाहिं चाहिए
What did you say about the second option?
आप दुस्रे विकल्प के बारे मैं क्या कहा

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    i try to correct some of your grammer mistake.

    1> first sentence is almost correct.

    You can also say like this, "kya apne/tumne apna(your) kaam jaane se pehle thek se kiya.

    2>niche aate samay apne saath pechkash lete aao(not jao).(here person is asking for screw driver that why not "jao" its "aao"

    3>common mistake its not main ,it should be mujhe. or it should be like "kya main uske madaad karu?"

    4.>kya mujhe abhe padhai karna nahe chahiye?

    5>>kya hame (it not i,it is we so "hum" will use) abhe kaam karte rehna nahe chahiye?

    6>>tum dushre vikalp ke bare ma kya kehte ho?

    Thank you . Keep Learning :)

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