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이거 맞아요?

How do i say "how fast is it " in korean ? is it correct to say 얼마나 빨리 예요 or 얼마나 빠른 예요?
감사합니다 ^=^

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    the main form (like primitive form) of that setnence in translated is

    a.얼마나 빨라?
    b.얼마나 빠른가?

    but this expression usually used when you talk with same age or youngers (not just age, sometimes ruled by social level or etc... )
    and there is little difference between sentence 'a' and 'b'
    'a' is used with freindly and
    'b' is used with formal

    the normal form of that sentence is just like you said

    A.얼마나 빨라요?
    B.얼마나 빠른가요?

    these two sentence is from primitive form and just added '요'
    and '요' makes a sentence polite which is why we use it as normal
    and those two sentence keep the character(nuance) of primitive form
    so sentence 'B' is more polite than 'A'

    so as a answer

    you can use a,b,A,B all as you want

    there are some other forms are existing but you can ignore them at now on

    I wish you good luck in studying Korean

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