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What is the difference between 朋 and 友?

If 朋友 means friend then why does the characters 朋 and 友 also mean friend separately and how do you tell when to use one or the other?

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    朋,月+月,pictographic and associative character, meaning: two ”bodies“ stick together--> too people are always together-----> friends

    友,echoism,in oracle, it's like two hands in one direction, meaning: help or cooperation.

    both 朋 and 友 has the meaning of friend,but we don't use 朋 separately, 友 is ok tho,eg:
    好友--good friend = 好朋友

    but you can see such idoms: 亲朋好友 good friends,朋比为奸 act in collusion with

    in most cases, when you try to use the word ”friend“, 朋友 is commonly used.
    other words related to 朋 or 友 separately, are used in idoms.

    朋友is the most commonly used word eg:你是我的朋友。 我们是朋友。
    朋&友is writings in classical style.also be used in modern Chinese
    eg:有朋自远方来!A friend is coming from far away!【classical 】
    朋党 clique;cabal【modern Chinese】
    eg:妇女之友 the friend of mowen(magazine‘s name)【classical &modern Chinese】
    友于 brother【classical】
    友军 friendly forces【modern Chinese】
    友人 friend【modern Chinese】
    友谊 friendship;amity【modern Chinese】
    友邦 friendly state【modern Chinese】
    友爱 friendly affection;fraternal love【modern Chinese】

    these are two parts of one word
    these parts can be connected with other symbols to make new words
    neither of them doesn't mean "friend" separately
    for example you cannot say "他 是 我的 朋"


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