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How to say : "It looks like we have to wait for Minji before eating it all" ?

My guess : 다 먹기 전에 민지 씨를 기다려야 되는 것 같아요
^ is it possible to say it like that? I have to create the sentence using "(으)ㄴ 것 같다" construction.

Additional Details:

And casual form :

다 먹기 전에 민지를 기다려야 되는 거 같애

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    You are almost correct, but I think it needs to be more natural.

    다 먹기 전에 민지를 기다려야 "될" 거 같아. 되는 -> 될

    But, you can say like that and we can know enough what you mean. :D

    Yes you're right. For the casual form it ends with 것 같아

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