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قادر و قدر

allow me post a silly question once in a life :D

have you ever make mistake and confused with this two words ? lol

can i say:
أنا قادر على تحمل ضغوطات
أنا ممكن على تحمل ضغوطات

2) again, why not use يحمل as masculin ?

big thx to all friends

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    1=>You can say أنا قادر على تحمل الضغوطات but you can't say أنا ممكن على تحمل الضغوطات
    because أنا قادر means "i'm able" while أنا ممكن means "i'm possible" which is wrong
    2=> " تحمل"is a masculine noun and "يحمل " is a verb which means "to carry, to hold" and the noun of this verb is "حمل"
    note:In arabic we use a noun after the preposition "على"
    * you can say "أنا أقدر أن أتحمل الضغوطات" = أنا قادر على تحمل الضغوطات" :)
    Have a nice day!

    You can say:
    انا قادر على تحمل الضغوطات
    It's not right to say ممكن but you can say it in a different way like:
    من الممكن ان اتحمل الصعوبات
    The first means=I can bear the pressure
    The second means=It is possible for me to bear the pressure (There is no determination in this line unlike the first one.)

    You can't use يحمل because it doesn't mean what you want it to mean in this line
    رأيت الفتى يحمل الحطب=I saw the boy carrying the logs


    yahmil : he carries.
    tahmil : you carry - talking to a male. tahmilīn for female.
    tahmil : she carries. Same pronunciation, figure out from the context.
    tahammol : a noun, means : tolerate, bear.

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