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"Anlaştık" ne demek?

And why or when do we put ş t ı k?

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    The ş might be confusing to you, but we Turks use ş in a verb to make it what we call işteş (mutual)

    So for example

    görmek - to see
    gör+ş+mek = görüşmek (to see each other, to meet)

    selamlamak - to salute or to say hi
    selamla+ş+mak= selamlaşmak (to say each other hi, to salute each other)

    sevmek = to love
    sev+ş+mek = sevişmek (to make love - lit. to love each other)

    öpmek = to kiss
    öp+ş+mek = öpüşmek (to kiss each other)

    with the same way,

    anlamak = to understand
    anla + ş + mak = to understand each other

    anlaştık is pass tense of plural (i.e we) of anlaşmak
    Anlaştık: We understood each other - We made a deal.

    Hope it clarifies

    ''Anlaştık'' means ''we deal''

    ''Anlaştık''taki ''ş'' işin karşılıklı yapıldığını gösterir. ''ş'' means two side deal with each other.

    ''tık'' means ''biz anlaştık''. Tık, fiili biz'e göre çekimleyen ektir. ''AnlaşTIK'' means ''WE deal''

    I hope it will help you. Its a little complicate

    İt means like "reciprocal shaking hands"

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