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"Anlaştık" ne demek?

And why or when do we put ş t ı k?

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    The ş might be confusing to you, but we Turks use ş in a verb to make it what we call işteş (mutual)

    So for example

    görmek - to see
    gör+ş+mek = görüşmek (to see each other, to meet)

    selamlamak - to salute or to say hi
    selamla+ş+mak= selamlaşmak (to say each other hi, to salute each other)

    sevmek = to love
    sev+ş+mek = sevişmek (to make love - lit. to love each other)

    öpmek = to kiss
    öp+ş+mek = öpüşmek (to kiss each other)

    with the same way,

    anlamak = to understand
    anla + ş + mak = to understand each other

    anlaştık is pass tense of plural (i.e we) of anlaşmak
    Anlaştık: We understood each other - We made a deal.

    Hope it clarifies

    İt means like "reciprocal shaking hands"

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