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In Korean how to say "in order to master English you have to study a lot of vocabulary"

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    영어를 잘 하려면 단어를 많이 공부해야 해요.

    or if you say "have to remember a lot of vocabulary" : 단어를 많이 외워야 해요.
    I'm not a native anyway, but I hope this helps :)

    영어에 숙달할 위해 많은 단어를 공부 해야 한다.

    영어: English
    ~에 숙달하다: to be proficient in ~
    [verb stem]ㄹ 위해 (or 위해서): in order to [verb]/for the sake of [verb]
    많은 단어: many vocabulary words
    [verb conjugated with "아/어/여/etc." ending]야 하다 (or 되다): must [verb]

    I'm not a native nor am I Korean but from studying a lot I hope this helps. =P

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