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what does "airborne"mean ? does it mean "plane" or "aircraft carrier?"

Even after Ted Clifton had discovered that Johnson had driven to Love Field he couldn't tell Washington, because Bales, under these extraordinary circumstances, couldn't provide him with a scrambled line. Lacking security, technicians literally did not dare talk. At 1:35 P.M. the stateroom of 26000 was somewhat like Bastogne in the third week of December 1944, when the 101st Airborne became the last division in Belgium to learn that the town had been invested by enemy troops. If Dallas had been surrounded, the New York studios of CBS would have been a lot likelier to know of it than anyone within shouting distance of the thirty-seventh Vice President, now become the thirty-sixth President, of the United States.

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    In this context airborne is referring to the '101st Airborne' as being the name of troop division (regiment).

    We normally use airborne when relating to something that is being carried through the air/flying. I think it can help.

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