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Answering: 你学不学开车?

I want to say that I can already drive, is this: 我能都开车 or is 都 the wrong word?

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    1, First,"都” shouldn't be used here. 都(dōu)has three meanings when it serves as an adverb:
    1) all (both) 所有的同学都通过了这次考试(All the students have passed this exam)
    2).already 都已经那么晚了,该睡觉了。(It is already so late, let's go to bed.)
    3) to express emphasis. similar to "even" 这东西那么轻,连小孩儿都搬得动。(It is very light that even a kid could move.)

    2,I can already drive could translate into two different sentences in different contexts.
    1)我已经会开车了。(you've already learned how to drive, referring to the situation that you've grasped a certain skill. e.g.我已经会游泳了。)
    2)我已经能开车了。(You've obtained the conditions to drive, such as you've got the license, or you've recovered from a disease and your health permits you to drive)

    Answer “我能开车” if you can drive before.But if you just learning drive and someone asked you whether or not,you can answer"我已经可以开车了“

    u can say i have had a driver's licencse = 我已经有驾照了 哈哈哈
    我早就会开车了= i can drive for a long time.

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