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How can I do sentences in russian?

I need to put subjects, verbs and predicate in a specific order and change the way of writing for the gender, is there any prefixes or suffixes?

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    Yes, verbs in past time have defferent endings depending the gender.
    For example, "Она ела" - "She ate", "Он ел" - "He ate".
    Sometimes subjects have different writings depending the gender.
    For example, "Кошка" - "Cat" (f), "Кот" - "Cat" (m)

    Adjectives have different suffixes: хитрая лиса (f) — wily fox (vixen), хитрый лис (m) — wily (dog-)fox.

    In addition, Russian language have the cases. It means that the subject may have different endings depending on situation.
    And the adjective must have the same gender, number and case as the substantive described.
    That allows to place words in the phrase more freely. Therefore the order of words is not so important as in English.

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